The new immigration law Colombia passed in July 2022, opened the doors for those who can work from anywhere to stabilize their base of operations in the Latin American Country, so with this in mind, lets unpack why someone would move as a digital nomad to Colombia .

If you ever imagined migrating or settling yourself in a Latin-American country, Colombia is more than what you ever expected. Colombia is a beautiful paradise located in South America. With the magical Andes Mountain chain crossing most of its territories, it offers a wide variety of thermal floors, great template weather in its main cities, friendly and inviting people, market opportunities, legal security, macroeconomic strength, fiscal policies, investment guarantees, and for foreigners earning in dollars, euros, pounds or other strong currencies, a devaluation of the Colombian peso that allows migrants to have a great economic advantage.

The cost of living:

One of the great advantages of Colombia is its low cost of living when comparing it to the United States, Europe or places famously known amongst digital nomads like Dubai.

Even in big cities like Bogotá or Medellín, accommodation for less than USD 700 is common in modern neighborhoods and for USD 1,000 you could rent fully furnished two-bedroom apartments in some of the best areas of these cities. If you want to live by the ocean, there are always cities like Cartagena and Santa Marta where you can find a Miami style skyline at affordable prices.

The Colombian restaurant game has been stepping up over the years. Nowadays you can find virtually anything you want in terms of cuisine, you name it, Italian, French, Peruvian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, and the bill would cost you a quarter of what you would pay in any US City and If you want , you can always look for Colombian food like Ajiaco or a Bandeja Paisa for as little as 4 dollars and enjoy the true local experience.

Service driven economy:

A strong service economy, combined with ease of living is what a digital nomad has in mind when choosing where to go next.

Fortunately Colombia’s service economy is full of life. Being able to buy groceries or order food is done in an instant through the Rappi APP, one of the first tech Unicorns in the country, and if you are looking for transportation, dry-cleaning, shopping and even getting your nails done, there are an infinite of Uber-like apps for seemingly anything.

Places like WeWork are common if you are looking for a coworking space and if you fancy working from coffee shops, you can look for a Juan Valdez, the Colombian version of Starbucks, to have a nice cup of Colombian coffee while you work.

Colombia’s cities and touristic hubs:  

Nowadays, Colombia screams tourism, with the added benefit of a seemingly 365-day summer. Being on the equator line, the country has no seasons, which means that depending on the altitude you get a different climate.

Bogotá, the Capital City, sits at about 8,530 feet above sea level, which makes it the perfect place if you practice any sport and are also looking for some altitude training. On a normal weekend you will find the city filled with people jogging or riding bikes. Like a true capital city, it is home to about 10 million people, and you’d be surprised at the variety of restaurants the city has to offer. The temperature of the city ranges from 59 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit but there is nothing better than walking around the “Zona rosa” (Pink district) on a sunny day.

Cartagena, a coastal city lives both in the past and in the future. This city was one of the main ports used in Latin America by the Spanish empire and as such, the “old” part of the city is surrounded by a fort-like wall. Inside the “old” city you will feel like walking around in the 1600’s with perfectly preserved architecture from the era, its like traveling to the past. The “new” part of the city feels like Miami, with tall white buildings, all creating a skyline looking to the sea.

Medellin, the city of the everlasting spring, as the locals call it, is a city that has completely turned the tables on history. Once the most dangerous city in the world, it has now become a city of culture, technology, music, art, and amazing nightlife. Being the birthplace of world renowned artists like J-Balvin and Maluma, Medellin has embraced the reggaeton genre to now be one of the main hubs for artists to compose and record their music. Furthermore, this has generated a “nightlife” driven tourism to emerge, which makes the city an amazing place to live for those who like to dance. Finally, there are those who call the city the “Silicon Valley” of Colombia, due to its start-up culture and drive to entrepreneurialism

So, how can I move there?

You can apply for the new  digital nomad visa  the country is now offering, directed to people working with digital media and internet. This visa is granted for a period of two years and can be extended to beneficiaries in case of couples or children. Here are some of the requirements:

  • The applicant must work from Colombia (remotely) exclusively for foreign companies.  
  • The applicant can either work as an employee for a foreign company or as an independent service provider.  
  • What do I need? 
  • A valid passport  
  • Supporting documentation and letters from the companies that employ the applicant proving that the applicant has commercial ties to foreign companies. OR a motivational letter and supporting financial means indicating how the applicant will carry out his entrepreneurial activity while in Colombia. 
  •  Bank statements of the last three months proving income for more than 700 USD a month. – 
  •  Health insurance policy for two years.  

Do you want to obtain your  digital nomad visa ?

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