Digital nomad visa in Colombia

Digital nomad visa in Colombia

This visa is aimed at people working for the digital and internet industry. It applies to remote workers working from Colombia exclusively on behalf of foreign companies. 

The applicant must work as an employee or independent service provider of a foreign company

Have a valid passport.
Supporting documents from the applicant’s contracting companies proving that the applicant has valid contracts or commercial ties with them.
If the applicant does not yet have contracts, a letter of motivation must be submitted with evidence of economic sufficiency to undertake a commercial activity in Colombia.
Bank statements showing income of more than 700 USD per month (last six months).
Insurance policy for two years.
The visa can be extended to immediate family members (spouse, permanent partner, minor children or up to the age of 25 if they are economically dependent on the principal applicant).
The visa is valid for two years and is renewable indefinitely. (The visa is usually granted for one year).
Lower living costs than other countries with digital nomad visas.
Service-focused economy.
Tourist capacity in the country’s main cities.
Digital ecosystems and skilled workforce.


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