Spouse visa in Colombia

Spouse visa in Colombia

This visa is aimed at foreigners who have a marital relationship or who live under a common-law marriage with a Colombian citizen and aspire to live together affectively with that person in the country.

The Visa is valid for up to three (3) years for spouses.
The Visa is valid for up to one (1) year for permanent partners.
There is no renewal. The holder must make a new application when the term expires.
The visa can be extended to immediate family members (spouse, permanent partner, minor children or up to the age of 25 if they are economically dependent on the principal applicant).
It grants a broad work permit; the holder may perform any lawful activity within Colombian territory.
If the applicant leaves the country for more than 180 days in a 365-day period, the visa expires automatically.
You can legally reside in Colombia.
May reside in Colombia performing remunerated activities.
After holding this visa for 3 years, the applicant may apply for permanent residence in Colombia.
You can access the national health system.


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