This post provides an overview of the family reunification process for spouses in the USA. If you’re considering bringing your spouse to the US or are in the midst of the family reunification process, this post is a must-read. By understanding the process and potential hurdles, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the system and reunite with your loved one. Whether you are a citizen or permanent resident of the US, this post offers valuable information to help you through the process of reuniting with your spouse.

Why choose Colombia for your digital nomad life

ARE YOU A DIGITAL NOMAD? COLOMBIA MIGHT BE THE PLACE FOR YOU. The new immigration law Colombia passed in July 2022, opened the doors for those who can work from anywhere to stabilize their base of operations in the Latin American Country, so with this in mind, lets unpack why someone would move as a […]

¿Vale la pena buscar una residencia en Europa?

Europa es un continente lleno de historia, compuesto por 44 países de los cuales 28 son pertenecientes a la Unión Europea. Es una de las regiones más culturalmente diversas del mundo, dividido por fronteras casi invisibles, caracterizado por su rica historia, sus 24 lenguajes oficiales y ciudades icónicas como París, Barcelona, Lisboa, Brujas, Budapest, entre […]